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This stuff is amazing! It only takes 4 minutes to apply to a pontoon.

Aluminox is a concentrated industrial strength acid brightener that is a safer alternative to traditional aluminum brighteners, such as hydrofluoric acid. Aluminox is a proprietary blend of acids and catalysts or "activators". The catalysts make the surface of the aluminum more reactive which allows the acid blend to be more productive on bare aluminum. 

This product will brighten aluminum and will remove road film without the negative hazards associated with most brighteners. Aluminox will quickly remove any aluminum oxide, leaving a fresh aluminum surface for welding, polishing, stripping, paint or pre-paint treatments. It is exceptional at cleaning polished stainless steel to a brilliant shine and quickly removes brake dust from wheels. Aluminox is biodegradable and, when pH neutralized, is safe for disposal in most municipalities.

ATTN: After Aluminox has been applied/rinsed, the aluminum is subject to oxidation again as the metal is unprotected. We recommend protecting your efforts with Oxi-X; please see step 6 under "Instructions" below.



  • Pontoons
  • Motorcycle/Auto Parts
  • Trailers/RV
  • Trim
  • Carts/Tables



  • Rapidly removes oxide from aluminum and Al alloys
  • Brightens aluminum
  • Reduces sanding/polishing/buffing
  • Non-flammable
  • Biodegradable
  • Does not contain petroleum solvents
  • Replaces fluorides
  • Easy to use


Mill Finished Aluminum Cleaning:
On mill finish aluminum, (older pontoons and unpainted flat aluminum panels on aluminum trailers) the aluminum turns light gray as shown in the picture. The more you dilute the cleaner, the less grayish color you will get. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult for this type of aluminum to go back to the showroom finish. However, the whitish gray is 100% better than the oxidized black.

Polished Aluminum Finishes:
Aluminox will dull polished aluminum finishes (mirrored finishes/diamond plate). The only way to bring polished aluminum back to a reflective finish is to polish. However, cleaning with Aluminox will make the job much easier and in the case of pontoons, looks better without the reflective finish.

Check the following link for a better explanation of aluminum finishing:



1 gallon concentrate makes 3 gallons RTU - Normal Duty
1 gallon concentrate makes 2 gallons RTU - Heavy Duty

1.) Clean dirt/algae/hard water deposits first.

2.) For general brightening of aluminum, dilute 1 part Aluminox Concentrate to 2 parts water. For extra-heavy oxidation (like pontoons) or when being used in cold weather, dilute 1 part Aluminox Concentrate to 1 part water.

3.) To prevent streaking, apply to surface with low pressure, start at the bottom and work  upward. For an even finish brush lightly to help remove oil and dirt. A pump-up chemical sprayer, equivalent pumping system or long handled brush is recommended for application (We suggest a bucket with a brush, its fast, easy, and avoids overspray and wind issues).

4.) Let sit for 1 minute then rinse well with water.

5.) Re-apply as desired.


After Aluminox has been applied/rinsed, the aluminum is subject to oxidation again as the metal is unprotected. Apply 2-3 very thin coats of Oxi-X coating/protector (Pic Right) with a moist streak-free cloth for season long protection. 1 quart will do about 8 pontoons as pictured above.



Due to wind mis-directing the fine spray, it is not recommended to use a hand trigger sprayer outdoors to apply this product. This product will dull polished aluminum surfaces; but is safe on chrome, steel and polished stainless steel (always test on small, inconspicuous area first as negative effects/discolorations are always a possibility with acids). Do not allow to dry on surface. Avoid overspray onto vehicles or other fine-finish surfaces such as aluminum, paint or glass. Also, Aluminox is acidic and will etch concrete; it is best to apply on a non-concrete surface. Rinse well immediately if Aluminox comes in contact with concrete.