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EVAPO-RUST® is a soak and works at a pH of 6.1 to 7 (neutral) through selective chelation. This is a process in which a large synthetic molecule forms a bond with metals and holds them in solution. Most chelating agents bind many different metals. The active ingredient in EVAPO-RUST® bonds to iron exclusively (the competitors bond to many metals). It can remove iron from iron oxide, but is too weak to remove iron from steel because the iron is held much more strongly.


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  • Not a primary eye irritant
  • Not a skin irritant
  • Non-Toxic dermally
  • Non-Toxic orally
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Low/No VOC's
  • No HAP's
  • No Solvents
  • No Acids
  • No Caustics
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Flammable
  • Biodegradable
  • SCAQMD Certified



EVAPO-RUST® is easy to use. Fully immerse the rusted item in EVAPO-RUST® and check progress in about 30 minutes; no scrubbing necessary. Soak times will vary from 30 minutes to 24 hours depending on severity of rust, type of steel, and temperature. EVAPO-RUST® is water based, therefore the active molecules will slow down as temperature decreases and increase as temperature increases. We recommend utilizing EVAPO-RUST® at a bath temperature above 60° F. If the fluid temperature is below 60F, there will be little if any rust removal.

EVAPO-RUST® has a surfactant to aid in penetrating oils and dirt. However, surface contaminants do slow the process and can shorten the life of EVAPO-RUST® . Oils, greases and cosmoline should be removed prior to de-rusting. Cleaning the part prior to soaking in EVAPO-RUST will also help in the disposal of the spent product.


Weapons Finish

EVAPO-RUST® is highly recommended by the NRA gunsmithing school and has been utilized by FBI, CIA, NATO and other law enforcement and forensics agencies. EVAPO-RUST® is perfect for removing weapon finishes such as Bluing, Parkerizing, Zinc Phosphate, and Browning. Other coatings such as anodizing, powder coating, chrome, nickel, ion bonding and paint will not be removed as long as they do not contain oxides and are still adhered to the surface. EVAPO-RUST® will not harm lead or solder points.

Gas Tanks

You can use EVAPO-RUST® to remove the rust from a gas tank in one of two ways described below, depending on if your tank is still attached or has been removed:

1) Completely fill the tank with EVAPO-RUST® and allow to sit for 2 – 4 hours. Drain completely and rinse well with water. Air dry and fill with gasoline immediately to eliminate flash rust.

2) Pour in 1 gallon of EVAPO-RUST® and rotate gas tank every hour until the rust has been removed. Drain completely and rinse well with water. Air dry and fill with gasoline immediately to eliminate flash rust.

Transport & Shelf Life

EVAPO-RUST® is non-hazardous and ships U.S. Postal, UPS or regular freight (class 55). The product is sewerable in neat form and, in most cases, only the chelated iron content of the solution will dictate disposal requirements. The pH of virgin EVAPO-RUST® is 6.1. The pH of the spent solution will vary from 6.1 to 7, which means there is no need to neutralize the already neutral solution. Check with your local water treatment facility and dispose of according to local, state, and federal guidelines.

EVAPO-RUST® has an indefinate shelf life* and can be used over and over until it absolutely stops working. Only water is lost to evaporation, you can add that water back in if needed. EVAPO-RUST® has a tremendous work load. One gallon can remove 1/2 pound of pure dry rust. Rust is about 1/17 the weight of iron by volume, which means its workload is substantial. On average, one gallon de-rusts up to 300 pounds of light to moderately rusted steel. As the iron is removed from the iron oxide, carbon from the rust is released. Some parts may have a black film after using EVAPO-RUST®. High carbon steel and tool alloy steel items, when de-rusted, will have a darker appearance. The carbon can be removed simply by wiping with a cloth when rinsing with water. The more you de-rust, the blacker the solution becomes. EVAPO-RUST® is spent when it is pitch black and no longer performs, also the specific gravity will have increased to approximately 1.08.

*Shelf life is for un-opened product. Once opened, The life of the bath will vary due to biodegradability (bacteria introduced into the solution).



1) Wash and rinse the item off and go to the next process for painting, coating, etc.
2) Wash & rinse the item off and apply a long term rust inhibitor such as Rust Bandit (Indoor Water Based Rust Inhibitor)
3) Wash & rinse the item off and apply any outdoor long-term rust inhibitor or paint/coating.



4x1 Gallon 6850-01-498-3625
5 Gallon 6850-01-498-3610
55 Gallon 6850-01-498-3606

EVAPO-RUST® is the real deal. Accept no substitutes.