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EvapoRust Testimonials

I just wanted to report and say what an absolutely WONDERFUL product EvapoRust is! I restore vintage woodworking machines as a hobby and EvapoRust makes the job a lot more rewarding!

Heath F


"I recently purchased the Evapo-Rust product. I obtained a band saw and the table was badly rusted. A friend suggested your product. I was doubtful but thought anything would be better than a couple of days with a wire brush. After soaking the table over night WOW. This stuff is amazing.I have attached a before pic and a couple after pics. Thanks for the great product that is safe for the environment and works great. Wish more companies were like this...A truly satisfied customer"
Mark Gum


I bought Evaporust last year to use on old tools I was selling at a garage sale. At the time, I decided that I didn't want to take the time and sold the tools as is (people buy tools no matter how they look anyway). However, I kept the Evaporust in mind for future use on something "special".The attached pics are of an old smoking stand that was in my father's basement. I remember this stand being there and old when I was a kid. It's at least from the 1940-50s, if not before. I was amazed at how well the rust came off. I did let it soak for about 12 hours, and periodically used a brush on it, but I am so pleased at the result. The base had more rust than the top, and came out equally as well. Thank you so much! This is truly a great product!
Jan G


I derusted the entire exterior of my '64 E-type Jaguar, as well as the many intricate internal voids using a simple catch basin, a sump pump and five gallons of Evaporust. The car had been previously stripped of paint via vat process nearly 30 years ago...surface rust accumulated in the interim. There is absolutely no way the surface could have been cleaned to this extent using a mechanical method such as blasting. Also tried other similar products with less satisfactory results. I'm a believer. (For the record, I have zero affiliation with the company).



All I did was put the product in a bucket and soak my distributor.  24 hours later it was almost completely clear of rust.  Saved me over $100.00.



I'd never heard of your product until a friend gave me a jug and said, "You've gotta try this!". When I saw how good it worked, I immediately soaked dozens of rusty tools and drill bits in it. I now have zero rusty tools. Today, I bought an antique hand powered mechanical drill at a flea market. It is very rusty. I'm going to put it in a plastic tub with a sump, sprayer and Evaporust and let your miracle juice spray on the drill press all night. From lots of experience, I know that the drill press will be rust free in the moring.

Amazing stuff! I'll always make sure to have a gallon of it in my garage.



I'm pleased to report that the product is excellent and does a much better job than other products that I have used in the restoration of old snowmobiles...Evapo-Rust is a winner!

Antique Snowmobile Museum


I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for this wonderful product. I run a motorcycle salvage yard, and have been restoring bikes for 20 years. I tried your product last week on a Kawasaki fuel tank with heavy rust inside. In the past I would have gone with an acid and a coating afterwards. When I opened up the gas cap the next day I couldn't believe my eyes. It was almost like new inside. Yesterday I decided to give it a try on a junk set of Kawasaki triple carbs. These carbs looked like they had been dredged from the Titanic. The slides were even so frozen inside I didn't think they would ever come out. I took them apart the best I could (some of the jets and one float pin were totally frozen) and left the whole lot submerged since yesterday. When I came back today and drained the solution and washed it all off I couldn't believe my eyes. The carbs now look almost like they just came out of the box. The frozen slides were laying in the bottom of the can and the jets and float pin came right out. These carbs are now usable. Well actually, now they are in great condition! Thank you again. With so much snake oil on the market, it's so refreshing to find a product that really works. Evaporust will now be a staple of my business and my restorations.

Andrew Hamilton
Statewide Cycle Salvage


I work for an international manufacturing company. My job is maintaining tooling required for the many various assembly lines. Some of these tools are used only periodically and must be stored until needed. I purchased and began using your Evaporust one month ago. The results are phenomenal! Some of the tooling had been stored for more than 15 years. Each tool cost $5,000 to make, and there were 23 of them. If not for the effectiveness of your product, they would have had to be remade. Thank you, I will be a regular customer!

Tim Ward


I heard about your product on the Woodworker's Website Association and I thought I would give it a try. It has worked far better than I could have imagined! The first thing I tried it on was an old vise I wanted to refurbish for my 9 yr old to use in my shop when we woodwork together. This thing was a pile of rust so it took overnight but came out looking like new!!

Fantastic product!!

Phil Maddox


Your product is truly amazing.  I started using evaporust about a year ago. The various projects it has been used on have been successful in no small part to your product.  The latest was an high quality automatic center punch purchased at a yard sale for a dollar. Only problem was, it didn’t work, and it was not able to be disassembled due to corrosion.  Evaporust was able to penetrate the fine threads on the punch and loosen the corrosion so that it could be taken apart and thoroughly unrusted and clean.  It now works perfectly and looks great!  Keep up the good work.
Dave Schaer


Evapo-Rust is incredible, I love it! I keep finding new uses for it and it never ceases to amaze.
Los Angeles


I just wanted to say that I tried your product for the first time last night. I'm a skeptic when it comes to anything that sounds too good to be true and offers me an "easy" way to do a normally tough job. With this mindset, I warily purchased your Evapo-rust product. I have a 99 Harley Davidson Sportster that I bought a couple weeks ago and had been sitting for over a year. Some of the chrome parts on the bike had started to rust and looked horrible. I couldn't use a wire brush on them since that would scratch the chrome plating. To replace the parts would have been over $100 from the dealer and no aftermarket parts could be found for substitution. Thus it was either try your product, live with the rust, or buy really expensive parts that were working just fine but looked horrible. 

I soaked the parts in your product last night. At first I was surprised there was absolutely no odor from the product. Sure it says no fumes on the container but I've read that before and still had smelled something but yours was odorless. That was nice since I would be doing this in a garage. I soaked the parts for a couple hours and removed them from the solution. To my surprise most of the rust was gone! Only areas that had been really bad still had rust on them but it was obvious it was much less than before. I took a toothbrush and lightly went over the heavy areas and a lot of the rust that was there came right off! Since there were still small depressions that contained more rust I decided to return the parts to your product and let them continue to soak. Two more hours later I returned to find ALL the rust GONE! The parts looked almost brand new! I was shocked! I realize now that I probably didn't even need to brush the parts like I did to achieve these results. 

I just want to say that I will be recommending your product to anyone I know that needs to remove rust! It was more than worth the money spent. Thank you for a product that delivers everything it promises!
Troy Lyman
Naval Surface Warfare Center - Corona Division


I just wanted to write and tell you what a great product you have! I rebuild motorcycles as a hobby and was looking for a good, safe rust remover. I saw your product and was at first skeptical, but after doing a bit of research I gave it a try, and MAN! It does exactly what you say it does, and better! Light rust is usually gone in 20 minutes to a half hour or less, and heavy rust (and I mean Heavy!) is usually gone overnight; rusty bolts, gas tanks, takes care of it all, and the part looks brand new! And, you can use it over and over again, which makes it great for tight budgets! Safe on your skin, safe for the environment...don't change a thing! Again, thanks for making such a great product!
John Peterson


"I tried Evapo-Rust for the first time yesterday. Amazing! I have never seen anything work like this product. I look forward to letting it do the de-rusting instead of me and a sand blaster.
Terry Getting


I've used evapo-rust to restore my old hand tools for some time, and couldn't be more satisfied. Some years ago I inherited an old family stencil used by my great-great grandfather to paint identification onto crates used to transport produce grown on his farm. It's made of thin sheet steel and while it's not ornate, the lettering is more intricate than found on a typical stencil, leaving a number of very thin, delicate support strips that would likely be damaged by mechanical cleaning. Combined with a fair amount of surface rust I was very concerned that further deterioration would eventualy destroy this irreplaceable 150 year old family heirloom. I finally decided that evapo-rust was the best way to preserve this item, and I am thrilled to say it did a wonderfull job. It even left the old paint residue that was around the letters alone, which is a part of the history I wanted to leave untouched. Thank you for helping extend the life of this small piece of family history.

John DuMont


Wow.... A friend refered me to your product to remove the rust from my motorcycle tank...YOUR PRODUCT IS AMAZING!!!! Wish I could tell everyone about your product...Thank you soooooo much...



A couple of years ago i started a hotrod project on my 51 chevrolet.  I had quite a few delicate parts that i was afraid to sand blast and just held off on them.  I saw Evaporust at Autozone the other day and figured I'd take a shot.  I am so impressed with it.  I let the parts soak overnight and they look brand new.  It even took the paint off and didn't hurt the chrome.  Thank you for making such a great product that is also safe for the environment. I will be buying more in the future.

Tommy Case


Thanks for the information !!! Your stuff works awesome for my motorcycle restoration projects!  The very best part is its low impact on smell, health and environment. 



"I have a 1918 Rose Engine lathe that got left out in the rain. It was a real mess, and I wasn't certain how to deal with all the rust. Because the ways are so important I didn't want to anything like electrolysis to remove the rust as it takes away from the steel all over rather than just attacking the rust. Being an extremely rare and fine machine this was even more important. A friend suggested I try Evaporust which I thought was a gimmick until I tried myself. It's changed the way we do alot of things in the shop where we restore invaluable period antique clock movements of historical importance. Thanks, your product is being used to safely restore historical American treasures."
David Lindow


"We tried Evapo-Rust on a variety of corroded parts and were very pleased with the results. It's quick, simple, and, unlike some other products, is non-toxic"..."Busting rust was never easier."
September 2002 Issue


"Jack...I got the "Evapo-Rust" a day or two ago for my WWII Japanese rifle and I must say it exceeds all my expectations and wishes.... the rust melted off…. I am shocked and amazed. I threw in a couple of old rusty block planes had laying around and they came out just as well. I hope you don't mind, but I'm telling everyone I know about this stuff."
Jack Jaquess


"The other day I met a rust remover I really liked."... I decided to test the stuff on a surplus exhaust header pipe that had weathered and rusted for years in my shop while waiting for the right car to come along. I was amazed. After about an hour in the solution the header pipe looked new. I don't know of anything else that will do the job any better, and most of the rust removers I'm aware of are toxic and nasty."
Jim Richardson
July 2002 Issue


"Our Students and Instructors went nuts over your product. I have received comments that EVAPO-RUST™ is a "superb product" and that this is the "greatest product they have ever used". I would really like to say thank you for sending us a gallon of your product, we really enjoyed the product and will HIGHLY recommend EVAPO-RUST™.
Stephen G. Taylor
NRA Program Coordinator
NRA Gunsmithing Schools


"What a product! We saw your EVAPO-RUST™ remover at the SEMA show in Las Vegas last month, bought a gallon and gave it a try when we got home. We were amazed at how well it worked! It was a miracle how we just submerged the rusted spindles into your solution and after just a short time they looked like new! We would like to order more so we can clean rust from larger auto parts..."
Garrett Cosgrove
Speedway Specialty Product


"...Just writing to let you know you have a product that does what it is advertised to dol. I just put the rusty gun parts in the solution and in about an hour, when I checked them, it was clean bare metal. Thank you"
Jr. Holmes
Jr's Gun Repair


"EVAPO-RUST™ is a union of chemistry and utility to alleviate one of the nagging problems of restoring degraded iron or steel parts to a usable condition. A fast, safe, environmentally friendly solution to an age-old problem of removing rust from ferrous materials without time consuming, tedious brushing, scraping, blasting or dangerous acidic solutions. It's about time!"
Joe Shalkowski
N.H.R.A. Record Holder


"Having been inn the racing business for over 15 years, I have seen just about every type of new "MIRACLE" product that has come out. But I was really proved wrong with EVAPO-RUST™. ...Now because of EVAPO-RUST™, we are able to reuse parts on our racecars that at one time were junk. EVAPO-RUST™ is not corrosive to the metals, and best of all it does not harm rubber or plastic, which is important with many of the brake parts we need to reuse.
Mike Thomas
2001 Grand Am Cup Compact Crew Chief of the Year


"Let me stress that this is not an endorsement by the Air Force. The Air Force does not endorse specific products. This is simply to say that so far in our testing, EVAPO-RUST™ has proven to be a solid product and will most likely be one of the products indicated in our final report as one that should be used to refurbish APW parts. ...We are currently evaluating several chemicals to remove corrosion from APW parts. Several have shown the ability to remove corrosion as advertised, but so far, only EVAPO-RUST™ has shown the ability to remove corrosion without any concerns over personal protection during use. "
Rick Miles
Air Force Corrosion Prevention and Control Office


"I would just like to take a few minutes to tell you how well your product works. Before using EVAPO-RUST™, we spent 6 to 8 hours, per tool kit, cleaning and wiping down tools (for the B-1B). This was done with wire brushes, rags, and solvents, and not exactly the best job. Since we've been using EVAPO-RUST™, our time is cut to about 1 to 2 hours. Most of this time is used for soaking, about an hour, during which we accomplish other tasks. We use 30 to 45 minutes actually wiping down tools, depending on size of kits. The amount of time saved is unbelievable. I also don't have anyone that minds cleaning a box. Thanks for a great product!"
Robert D. Widger, SSgt, USAF
Assistant NCOIC Sortie Support
Dyess, AFB