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EXPEL Odor Neutralizer

EXPEL ODOR NEUTRALIZER can be used wherever there are odors caused by organic decay such as animals, smoke, paint fumes, mildew, chemicals, or just about anything else. It is Safe, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Non-allergenic and Non-Masking.

  • Pets / Animals
  • Carpets & Fabrics
  • Automotive / RV / Boat Interior and Ventilation
  • Clothing & Laundry
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Paint / Smoke / Mildew
  • Hunting & Fishing

Although our Odor Neutralizer is not combined with pleasant smelling perfumes (Odor Neutralizer will destroy the perfume); it does indeed have a characteristic ‘fresh’ smell. This smell is not unlike the air after a thunderstorm. In fact, traces of the chemical responsible for ‘thunderstorm freshness’ are present in Odor Neutralizer. 



  • Non-Toxic
  • VOC Free
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Perfume Free
  • Enzyme Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Staining
  • Non-Masking
  • Colorless
  • Odorless
  • Readily Biodegradable



EXPEL does not require activation, and therein lies the formulation's amazing capabilities. The other suppliers of chlorine dioxide based products have a product that is stable in the container or packet but it does not work as a until it is activated by the addition of acids. Once mixed these products immediately begin to decay and within two to three days are below usage concentration.

EXPEL is a unique formulation and cannot be copied. EXPEL is delivered ready-to-use for heavy duty odors. Its shelf life is significantly longer than the competitive products (e.g. 95% active after 4 years). Other manufacturer’s products need elaborate mixing and dosing equipment to maintain concentrations.



Please see Vital Oxide for an EPA registered disinfectant / food surface sanitizer utilizing our stabilized chlorine dioxide.


Three chemical elements and their derivatives are responsible for most of the odors we encounter. The elements are nitrogen (atomic symbol "N"), oxygen (atomic symbol "O"), and sulfur (atomic symbol "S"). All three of these are ubiquitous in nature. Of course, not all odors are unpleasant. In fact, while chemical compounds containing nitrogen and sulfur are usually associated with foul odors, those containing oxygen tend to have sweet or perfume-like odors.

The parent compound of most nitrogen-containing odiferous chemicals is ammonia (chemical formulas NH). It is present in many household cleaning products such as glass cleaners and is the primary ingredient of smelling salts. While the odor is pungent, it is not generally considered foul. Organic derivatives of ammonia are, however, another story. Simple amines such as dimethylamine and trimethylamine are constituents of herring brine and cause the "fishy" odor. Putrescence, the common name for tretramethylene diamine, is formed by the putrefaction of proteins in flesh. Cadaverine, the common name for pentamethyline diamine, is formed by the same process. Ammonia-derived compounds are also responsible for odors associated with pet urine. On the other hand, the characteristic smell of hard-boiled eggs (also the odor of rotten eggs) is caused by the presence of most sulfur-derived odors, hydrogen sulfide (chemical formula HS). An organic derivative of hydrogen sulfide, butyl mercaptan, is the key ingredient in skunk odor.


For an odor to be detected, the responsible chemical compound must be volatile, i.e., it must become gaseous and disperse within the air we breathe. Once this occurs, the compounds can stimulate the olfactory glands in the nasal passages and trigger a variety of complex reactions resulting in the brain detecting and perhaps recognizing the odor. With certain chemical compounds, only a few molecules are required to cause the sensation of intense odor. Other compounds effectively "anesthetize" the olfactory glands when present above a certain level and can no longer be detected. Hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs) is in this category and, since it is in fact an acute poison, this feature is a dangerous phenomenon.



Odor Neutralizer is highly concentrated and can be diluted with water depending on severity of the odor. 

Odor Neutralizer may be used with Mechanical and Hand Spray Equipment, Foggers, Commercial & Industrial Misting, Vapor Systems, Humidifiers, Carpet Cleaning Equipment, Direct Injection Metering Systems, Mopping Solutions and Direct Wiping.

Our Mini Fogger has been designed to atomize and deliver Odor Neutralizer into small areas such as residential and hotel rooms and small scale industrial applications. This lightweight unit has a one-quart tank with a variable spray range of 7 - 12 feet. Just plug into your extension cord and spray away the odors.